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Mercedes Service

One of the most reliable, durable and popular European cars,

Mercedes-Benz, has remained the standard for luxury cars for almost a century.

Drivers know that whenever they get behind the wheel of their Mercedes they can expect a smooth ride. Quality service and maintenance both play a large role in maintaining the high performance for which Mercedes is known. Our experience and professional knowledge of Mercedes Benz has allowed us to serve Lexington and the surrounding counties since 2010.


As the owner of a fine Mercedes-Benz, you already know what makes these vehicles special. Whether you drive the iconic C-Class, the luxurious E-Class or one of the amazing Mercedes SUV models, the vehicle you drive is the end result of years of precise engineering. As a result, you need to make sure you have skilled automotive technicians keep your Mercedes in tip-top shape. At Scheller Automotive, we are your Mercedes-Benz experts and we know what it takes to keep your vehicle running like new.

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Even the best cars require some attention now and then and your Mercedes-Benz is no different.

When you’re due for Mercedes maintenance or repair, bring your vehicle to the Mercedes experts at Scheller Automotive. We provide honest and accurate Mercedes repairs at reasonable prices, exceeding your expectations and Scheller Automotive uses factory OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts, providing top-notch service for whatever vehicle need you may have. Whether you are looking for regularly scheduled maintenance work or your vehicle needs a comprehensive diagnosis of a specific warning light, bring your Mercedes in to Scheller Automotive. We’re here for all your service and repair needs. We specialize in all manner of Mercedes repair.


Even with the reliability of German engineering behind the Mercedes brand, there will come a time when your Mercedes, old or new, will need to be serviced, whether for regular maintenance or for some service problem. Aside from general maintenance, you could see problems with the electronics, interior quality or engine problems over the life of the vehicle, depending on the model and year of the vehicle.

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Drivers who want the best Mercedes service trust Scheller Automotive for all their service and repair needs.

Once you use Scheller Automotive for servicing your Mercedes, we are confident you will never go back to the dealership. Our service advisors and technicians will ensure that you get the highest quality Mercedes Benz service. At Scheller Automotive, you can rest assured that one of our ASE-certified technicians will be performing your Mercedes service or repairs.


The right preventative maintenance can keep your Mercedes running longer and stronger. Every Mercedes-Benz is built to the highest standards and when properly maintained, the engine, transmission and other major components can easily last for years. Whether your Mercedes needs a simple oil change, an expert tune-up or a major overhaul for your engine or transmission, you can rely on Scheller Automotive to treat you and your Mercedes right.


Scheller Automotive offers the following Mercedes-Benz services:
  • A/C services
  • Auto body repairs
  • Battery replacement
  • Brake service & repair
  • Check engine light maintenance
  • Diagnostic inspections
  • Engine repairs
  • Factory scheduled services
  • Fluid checks & changes
  • Mileage specific maintenance
  • Oil changes
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Suspension services
  • Transmission repairs
  • Tire rotations
  • Wheel alignments & balancing

Scheller Automotive strives to provide the best Mercedes service in the greater Lexington area

For unbeatable Mercedes service, simply stop in our shop, give us a call or request an appointment online.

Our friendly team will be happy to help you and your Mercedes-Benz in every way we can. Scheller Automotive provides service for Mercedes owners in the greater Lexington area.

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