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Engine Repair

When it comes to engine repair,

Scheller Automotive is the place to go.

When that check engine light comes on in your vehicle, it’s hard not to feel annoyed or even worried. Scheller Automotive knows how you feel and we are here to help. We offer a thorough engine performance check as well as excellent engine repair and engine replacement services. We do our best to save you time and money.


Where you choose to have your car’s engine repaired can make a big difference in the service, quality and price that you receive. Choosing the wrong company can lead to a costly, drawn-out project that only fixes the problem in the short term. If you have a strange sound coming from under the hood, bring your vehicle in to Scheller Automotive. We offer comprehensive engine repair and maintenance services, from engine system analysis to engine rebuilding.

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The engine in your vehicle is what keeps it running and working.

It’s no surprise that if your vehicle’s engine isn’t in great shape that your vehicle won’t be either. There are several ways that you’ll know that your vehicle’s engine is in need of repairs:

  • Check engine light turns on. A check engine light indicates a potentially serious problem with your vehicle. If this light comes on, it needs immediate attention.
  • Stalling. When your engine stops running and your car stalls, this could indicate a problem with the electrical system in your vehicle or the fuel system.
  • Engine clicking or ticking. If your engine starts clicking, you may be having a problem with the vehicle’s oil pressure. A damaged or clogged oil pump could be preventing oil from reaching all of the components necessary to run the vehicle.
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To keep your vehicle running at its best, it is important to keep the engine in optimal condition.

Visit Scheller Automotive and let us perform any needed engine service or engine repair. Late model vehicles are furnished with strongly advanced electronic engine command systems that can spot and even protect against complications that can harm your vehicle.


A healthy engine leads to a healthy vehicle.

Maintain your car’s engine and schedule regular tune-ups with Scheller Automotive. Engine tune-ups prevent overheating while keeping your vehicle strong. Every engine has a different performance, power and sound. Recognize when there’s something wrong with your vehicle’s engine.


Your vehicle’s engine is vulnerable to leaks, overheating and other errors when it goes without professional monitoring. Our auto repair specialists at Scheller Automotive consider the check engine light and vehicle’s repair history before performing engine services. You can always trust our diagnostics and engine repair work.

Our goal at Scheller Automotive is to provide the highest level engine repair in the greater Lexington area

Our technicians at Scheller Automotive are experienced with all types of engine repair and replacement.

They can control costs on major repairs without sacrificing quality or dependability. Not every engine problem requires replacing the engine. Our technicians are well versed in a wide variety of engine repairs, including timing chains, oil pumps, camshafts, valve jobs and more. Our technicians can recommend an engine repair that will take care of your problem while being more in line with your budget.

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