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Auto Heating & Cooling

When you need auto heating and cooling system repair for your vehicle

You can count on Scheller Automotive to provide quick, reliable and honestly-priced service.

Uncomfortable temperatures seem to be magnified when you’re behind the wheel in your vehicle. Maintaining a functional and efficient auto heating and cooling system in your vehicle can make the difference between a fun and relaxed road trip and a torturous journey.


There is nothing worse than sitting in a sweltering car on a hot summer day. If you’re rolling down the windows and the breeze isn’t enough to cool you down, then you need to talk to our expert team at Scheller Automotive. When you schedule a diagnostic inspection with our team, we will identify the issue and make recommendations to fix your heating or cooling problems. At Scheller Automotive, you are guaranteed high-quality service at a very competitive price, making it easy for you to improve the quality of your vehicle.

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Scheller Automotive is committed to providing a comprehensive inspection of your heating and cooling system.


These services include:

  • Examining the blower and internal controls
  • Identifying leaks or failed seals
  • Checking the thermostat, radiator cap pressure, hoses and operating temperature
  • Inspecting the compressor belt
  • Testing the cooling system pressure
  • Comparing the A/C pressure with manufacturer recommendations
  • Measuring the temperature of the air that is coming through the vent
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There are certain maintenance tasks that can help with the performance of your vehicle in different seasons.

At the beginning of summer and winter, you should schedule an appointment with the experts at Scheller Automotive.


Not only is it important for comfort, but also for defrosting and defogging windows, uninterrupted flow of engine coolant and proper operation of belts which drive your alternator, power steering, and water pump. Heating and cooling issues come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Scheller Automotive can handle them all.


Auto heating and cooling systems may break eventually with usage, hose pipes may clog and drip if not serviced, causing reduced efficiency heating and cooling capabilities.

Indications that your HVAC system may be having issues:

  • If your air conditioning blows only slightly cooler air compared to the exterior air
  • Air that blows in smells damp, musty or like mildew and mold
  • Your vehicle does not warm up in cold weather or is just a little warmer than outside the vehicle
  • The defroster takes longer than typically to operate or does not operate
  • Your heating and cooling systems only function when driving, not when idling, or it quits blowing when the air is stationary
  • Your heating system blows cold air or the air conditioning blows warm air
  • Low airflow even at the highest setting

Our goal at Scheller Automotive is to provide the highest level of auto heating and cooling in the greater Lexington area

When you bring your vehicle to the certified automotive specialists at Scheller Automotive in Lexington for a HVAC check, our highly trained technicians may perform any of the following services:
  • Air conditioning performance test
  • Radiator cooling fan and condenser check
  • Thorough inspection and repair and replacement of heating and cooling components due to leaks, degraded seals and malfunctions
  • System pressure checks, such as hi-pressure and low-pressure hoses
  • Air conditioning recharge
  • Refrigerant refill
  • Replacement or cleaning of cabin air filters
  • Condenser repair and replacement
  • Evaporator repair and replacement
  • Radiator repair and replacement
  • Water pump repair and replacement

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